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Virtual Private Servers

VPS or VDS (Virtual Private / Dedicated Server) – is a virtual private server, similar to its capabilities to normal dedicated server, but the difference is in that on one physical server multiple virtual servers are hosted, which can significantly reduce the cost and, consequently, the cost of services. ProHost data center offers the unique VPS Hosting Plans at a bargain price.

VPS solutions provide root-access, private IP-addresses, ports, and filtering rules. Within a virtual server, you can create your own versions of system libraries or modify the existing ones. As well, you will have the ability to delete, add, modify any file, including files in the brain and other service directories, and even install their own applications or configure / modify any available application software.

You can use the VPS hosting for reselling, or for individual projects. Choosing the proposed solutions, you must understand that on each virtual dedicated server, at any tariff is a limit to the use of system resources (memory and CPU).

28 $
per month


CPU max:: 2*3GhZ Xeon Platinum Cascade Lake
HDD: 65Gb RAID10 SAS 15k or SSD/NVME
Memory: 4000 Mb
IP address: Yes
Internet speed:: Unlimited *
Operating system: Any *
ISPmanager/Plesk: trial

18 $
per month


CPU max: 3GhZ Xeon Platinum Cascade Lake
HDD: 35Gb RAID10 SAS 15k
Memory: 2500 Mb
IP address: Yes
Internet speed:: Unlimited *
Operating system: Any *
ISPmanager/Plesk: trial

10 $
per month


CPU max: 2GhZ Xeon Platinum Cascade Lake
HDD: 20Gb RAID10 SAS 15k
Memory: 1300 Mb
IP address: Yes
Internet speed: Unlimited *
Operating system: Any *
ISPmanager/Plesk: trial

* ICMP latency time test IP addresses: and
* If you need more powerfull server, please, contact us
* Servers located in Kyrgyzstan. If you need other location, contact us
* Inbound speed from the external IP addresses on the home server VPS is optionally limited, outbound speed is unlimited. Inbound and outbound speed from IP addresses and to IP addresses of the KG area is 100Mbps. Traffic separation into external and internal is missing.
* With online registration, to make a payment the subscriber must send us a request by e-mail to activate your order and appropriate the client account.
* For each of the data center ProHost client, IP addresses are namely allocated – in the information about the IP address your contact information can be pointed. If necessary, the addresses may be provided on the different networks of C Class and from different providers.


Contact us

+996 (555) 22-22-11
+996 (312) 29-88-72