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Colocation for servers, storages, managed switches and routers.

ProHost, with its own data center (Data Processing Center - DPC), offers hosting services for server and telecom equipment in closed server cabinets, equipped with everything necessary to ensure the correct operation of the equipment.

Service cost is the cost of units held by the equipment, the cost of additional power (if required), and also of the switch ports that are required for the work of equipment with the Internet or a local network.

Advantages of the Data Center ProHost:

  • own data center, located in the site which is under 24-hour security
  • HA internet connection (DPC connected to several independent upstream providers 10Gbit/s)
  • the power of the first category (two independent power supply)
  • fuel Generator
  • use of UPS type Online-UPS
  • fire alarm
  • clock video surveillance
  • air conditioning and humidification of rooms using evaporative equipment
  • use of vacuum cleaning
  • use of the server and switching equipment from leading manufacturers (Dell, Intel, Cisco, Zyxel, Dlink)
  • provider-independent, stand-alone system and its own subnet address

Server or Switch 1U size with PSU 300 Watts 0$ 19$
Server or Switch 2U size with PSU 300 Watts 0$ 24$
Server or Switch 3U or ATX size with PSU 300 Watts 0$ 28$
Additional PSU, each 50 Watts 0$
Port speed 100 Mbit/sec
for Internet access
0$ 0$
Port speed 100 Mbit/sec
for internal commutation
0$ 3$
Port speed 1000 Mbit/sec
for internal commutation
0$ 11$
Dedicated IP address
0$ 3$
Remote management (IP KVM)
0$ 8$
Enable only local KG network
0$ 3$
Remote access to Power Management Unit
0$ 7$
* Prices are inclusive access to local Kyrgyzstan network.
* Prices are inclusive of all taxes.

* For each of the data center ProHost client, IP addresses are namely allocated – in the information about the IP address your contact information can be pointed. If necessary, the addresses may be provided on the different networks of C Class and from different providers.
* On each server, occupying a unit, ProHost provides special secure the switch port to connect ILO (if there is such a port in the equipment) for the remote control. Traffic from these ports is not considered.
* For each dedicated server an isolated power controlled port can be allocated, this port allows remote reboot of "hung" equipment independently, without the assistance of data center operators.
* Additional services provided by our company, will enable the customers, placed their equipment in our data center, to feel as comfortable as it is possible.


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+996 (555) 22-22-11
+996 (312) 29-88-72 prohostkg telegram