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About us

Creating a cohesive ProHost team, first of all, we set the goal to create and develop high-quality services of the data center of the European level. Of course, mentioning the various services of the data center, we did not forget about the building of a reliable, modern, scalable, fault-tolerant data network without which, respectively, providing high quality web hosting, server hosting, dedicated servers and storage services would be pointless.

We ourselves used to be the customers of third-party data centers and we clearly know what services are especially needed by clients, but, unfortunately, modern data centers in Kyrgyzstan cannot provide them at the appropriate level or do not provide them at all. We were guided by the experience of our Western counterparts, where the market of storage and data processing has already been stabilized.

Based upon the foregoing, the missions of ProHost are:

  • providing the highest quality service at affordable prices;
  • using modern technologies;
  • providing convenient and quality service to its customers and partners.

Our main goals:

  • become a reliable support Kyrgyzstan's ASP (Applications Service Provider);
  • create a civilized market of ASP in Kyrgyzstan;
  • develop quality content in KGNet and prompt access to it..


Contact us

+996 (555) 22-22-11
+996 (312) 29-88-72