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Dedicated servers

Pro Grammator

Intel Core-i3
CPU 1.80+ GHz

up to 4GB MEMORY

1 x 160GB SATA

Price: 40$ per month

Pro Cessor

Intel Core-i5/i7
CPU 2.2+ GHz

up to 8GB MEMORY

1 x 320GB SATA

Price: 60$ per month

Pro Fessional

Intel 2 x Xeon Multi Core
CPU 2+ GHz

up to 128GB MEMORY

1 x 1000GB SATA

Price: 110$ per month

ProHost has been around since 2007 and established themselves as a reliable and long-standing force in the Kyrgyzstan of web hosting. Our company has been hosting business, personal, social and non-profit websites for more than 7 years and has all Licenses of the State Communications Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic. We include industry leading technologies like Cloud Linux, Xen Project Hypervisor, Parallels Panel etc, and provide to our clients big range of services: domain name registration, virtual hosting, virtual servers, etc.

The  hosting in our Data Center has already been included in the cost of server rent. All proposed servers are located in the server racks and connected with the port 100Mbit / s full-duplex directly to the main equipment of ProHost, which ensures their high availability on the Internet. Prohost is your professional hosting service in Kyrgyzstan.
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+996 (555) 22-22-11
+996 (312) 29-88-72 prohostkg telegram